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What makes L1 Egret so different than any other DYU E-Bike

Electric bikes are different in many ways: appearance, size, battery capacity, material, weight, max load, mileage, motor power, smart control, etc. DYU is never content with the status quo, has been developing new products to provide customers with new products all the time. And this new approach electric bike DYU L1 Elgret is totally different than any other DYU E-bike. But in which […]

Have you known the difference between S1 and S2? Check this Now!

Many customers always feel confused when facing similar-looking products, the same is true of DYU’s Shark series e-bikes. S1 and S2 are very similar in appearance, different in performance. The purpose of this article is to help the reader better understand the difference in performance between S1 and S2. Let’s take a look. S1    […]

DYU on the Cover of the Australian Magazine Northern Living

Northern Living is a lifestyle magazine incorporating the much-loved, award-winning Mawson Lakes Living magazine. This expanded publication has extended reach into Salisbury Central. Hand-delivered to every letterbox in Salisbury, Mawson Lakes, and surrounding suburbs. + Recently DYU was featured on the cover of the Australian Magazine Northern Living in issue 156, which is great news […]

DYU L1 is Coming Soon! You will Never Wanna Miss This!

After DYU & F-wheel colleague’s meticulous preparation, DYU Egret Electric Bike is finally ready to go online! Compared with previous products, the design of DYU Egret still has a huge advantage. As the new product of DYU, DYU L1 has put some effort into the styling design of the E-Bike. The Design Is inspired by the Noble […]