A group of handsome guests from Brazil visits Dyu company office in Shenzhen this week. And the whole office is emersed in the negotiation of the e-bike trading business. Our Brazillian guests like the mini folding electric bike and buy a few samples home after the visit.

Dyu smart bike in USA
Dyu smart bike in the USA

Dyu team is busy in the 29th Shanghai Cycle Fair now and some replies to customers might be delayed. Today they’re flying back to Shenzhen from the Shanghai airport. And after this week, all the Dyu team members will get back to normal work in the office again and serve all the customers on time.

You can buy some samples here directly if our sales failed to reply to you on time. And your samples will be shipped in a few days when they are in stock. Meanwhile, a tracking number will be available. Usually, the orders are delivered in 1 month.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +

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