The Forbes China Elite Under 30 Award Ceremony 2018, sponsored by Forbes, was solemnly held at Hyatt Hyatt Shanghai Wujiaochang Hotel on December 18, 2018. Some of the current and previous Under 30 listers, well-known entrepreneurs, industry leaders, KOL, the media gather to talk about the industry trend. Li Wei, founder and CEO of F-wheel & DYU Smart Bike, attended the award ceremony as one of the elites in the consumer technology industry.

DYU bike is a new technology brand in the smart personal commuting & travel industry. It is also the mission of the company to build an international brand for short-distance travel in the intelligent city, guiding people to new ways of travel, and make travel better.

As the president of the company that runs the brand of intelligent personal travel, Li Wei himself has always been very low-key, but the brand concept of DYU bike makes travel better, which has been like the brand concept of “Smart ride”, has spread all over the world, and it successfully exported to more than 50 countries such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and become a model of China’s manufacturing success of “go overseas”. Tens of millions of “DYU fans” are regarded as pioneers of intelligent technology and environmental protection travel.

The under 30-year-old consumer technology industry elite, Li Wei, like his brand, has won numerous honors: 23-year-old, founding F-wheel in 2012; 25-year-old, F-wheel has created the world’s top ten brands of balanced cars, won industry influence, and become the industry’s youngest steering officer; 26-year-old, on behalf of China’s founder, was interviewed by CCTV News Lianbo for 3 minutes; He was selected into 1000 typical case databases of entrepreneurship under the State Council; 28-year-old, led his team to sell 12 million in Taobao in 40 days, creating a higher record in Ali’s travel field; 29-year-old, he was selected into Forbes’list of 30 elites under 30 in 2018 and Hurun’s list of 30 x 30 entrepreneurship leaders in 2018.


This Forbes China Under 30 Elite List Awards Ceremony, the leaders of their respective fields gathered in Shanghai to become shining protagonists, through the grand event and party belonging to the young elite, among thousands of stars, and then have the grand debut for the acceptance of honor! DYU smart bike founder and CEO Li Wei accepted Forbes’ award.

After Li Wei interacted with the industry leaders to explore the business world together, talking with international tycoons, smart personal travel is welcomed and recognized, which makes Li Wei more confident about the future of the brand. He believes that “building an intelligent personal travel ecosphere, making short trips beautiful”. Li Wei has been committed to the “smart personal travel” to lead the dissemination of travel, and the whole smart travel definitely has great value and significance.

F-wheel CEO Leven Lee is Included in the 2018 Forbes China Top Elites Under 30 List

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