Standing on an e scooter is like dancing in the air while riding an e bike is like sitting on the sunny beach. If the pedal is the gender symbol between the e scooter and e bike, e scooter must be the girl with a man’s heart.

There are a thousand way to interpret it when each one has his or her own preference. The author compares over 10 aspects of the 2 kinds of vehicles and finally comes up with the appropriate answer of which one is the best to ride between e scooter and e bike though it’s not easy. Are you looking for an electric scooter or e bike but you feel lost in which type to choose? If you are, you can relax because you are in the right place.

Watch the following points and the answer will flow into your heart naturally about the e bike & e scooter battle.

1. Riding Posture Comfortness 


E scooter wins


Looking from far away places, standing is cooler than sitting on the seat, especially for girls wearing dresses. Both electric scooters & bikes are undeniably awesome ways to get around and commute between home and office. But if you wish to be stand to commute, scootering will be a good choice showing your body shape and being elegant. However, there still are many people like sitting because sitting saves energy and is less tiring than standing especially after 1 days’ stressed working.


2. Mileage / Riding Distance

Two pretty girls on bike tour on rock path Pretty girl on bike show direction

E bike wins


Scootering is good, but unless you’re in really good shape, you aren’t going to get very far. No one wishes to stand over 10 miles for commuting. When you wish to go a little farther, enter the electric bike: a glorious new contraption allows us to get around in campus, industrial area & crowded city road without having to worry about arriving at our destinations a sweaty mess. Meanwhile, when your battery run out, you can still ride it home without a problem, not like the scooter, you only have to push it awkwardly in this situation.


3. Speed

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E bike wins


E bike and e scooter both can be fast, but slowest e bikes are faster than e scooter when considering the wheel size and battery volume and human body safety,

“I believe ebike kits should come standard with programmable speed and with a digital lcd display so coppers cant pull you over.. That way, it would not matter if i had a 48volt 1000 watt motor, Icould set the max speed via display and controller” Said Drew Gibson, an ebike user. Observing from this, e bike with 1000 watt motor will easily reach 80km/h, when e scooter at most reach 20 km/h.


4. Traffic Rules and Regulations

lime escooter

E scooter wins


Unlike how it is with electric skateboards, it doesn’t really take much practice to figure out how to ride a scooter safely. You also don’t need a license as you do with a motorcycle, ebike or a car. And best of all? You also don’t have to pay for gas or insurance as an electric scooter owner. As such, it’s not surprising that companies like Lime and Bird are using scooters to take over the world, which proves that e scooter can be legal in most districts of the world. But if you’d rather not rent scooters from a rideshare program, you can buy one yourself.


5. Manual Assistance Mode Existence


E bike wins


You can ride pedelecs with either pedals or electric power, it’s your choice to be more healthy or more efficient in commuting. It’s a good way to do some morning exercises before work by riding an ebike, leave along the e scooter.


6. Tire Size


E bike wins


Almost all the e bikes have a larger tire size wheel compared to the e scooter.  When a bike wheel is 16 inch, a scooter’s wheel can only be 10 inch or 12 inch. As we know, big wheel are much more comfortable and stable on varying road surfaces, they have more flexibility in design, they have a far wider range of capabilities for carrying and towing people and goods.

However, a good traditional bike is already expensive, and electric models are even more so. They require a steep initial investment, which may be a turn-off to some. In France, an e bike can be as expensive as 5000 Euros while Chinese e bike manufacturers sell it for 200 Euros only


7. Battery Volume


E scooter wins


Because e scooters rely on the battery only, and people cannot ride it with pedals, scooters have to use the best battery, usually, the battery is its most expensive part, and its large capacities and volumes usual reach 20 Ah, which is much larger than normal folding e bikes. Electric scooters are more than just scooters with batteries, though. As glib as that statement may be, it’s also true: they’re a lot faster than regular scooters, they’re a heck of a lot heavier, and the best electric scooters are also far more controllable than their manual cousins.


8. Weight


E scooter wins


The e scooter has a simple and concise body frame design: 1 pole and 1 board. Thus e scooter can be much lighter than most e bikes.  An e scooter is 13 kg when e bike weighs over 30kg usually. So e scooter is more portable & lightweight.

However, it’s not right to DYU bike. When Lightweight and affordable, DYU’s scooters appeal to just about everyone. The company’s newest addition — the DYU D3 — is an urban commuter’s dream. Weighing in at 28 pounds and sporting a slim, collapsible chassis, finding a spot for it on the bus or under your desk won’t be a problem.


9. Safety

e sccooter

E scooter wins


E scooter is safer than e bike because it has a low speed and anytime stoppable design. When you meet some dangers on road, you only need to brake and stop on the road. And when riding e scooter, people have to 2 hands holding bar posture, which makes people fully concentrate on the road, not riding while playing phones and something else. With a helmet on head, e scooter is the king of the safety.


10. Popularity


E bike wins


According to Nnextbigfuture, there are over 2 million pedelecs in the world, while only 1 million e scooters in the world.  Though Lime and Bird company started the e scooter sharing service. The usage of e scooter can never get as popular as e bike. There are 1,3 billion people in China and almost every family has an e bicycle while few homes have e scooter which proves e bikes work better than e scooter when pedelecs and e scooters are both legal there. Recently CNet also reported a piece of  news that electric scooter injuries are piling up and they could be forced off Auckland’s streets for its constant hitches. E bikes are much maturer and safer than e scooters.



E scooter & e bike defeat each other in different aspects.

Choose E scooter when you care: 1. Riding Posture Comfortness; 2. Traffic Rules and Regulations; 3. Battery Volume; 4. Safety

Choose E bike when you care: 1. Mileage / Riding Distance; 2. Speed; 3.Manual Assistance Mode Existence; 4. Tire Size; 5. Weight 6. Popularity

I was in your shoes a few years ago when electric scooters & ebike weren’t that popular. I needed something that will get me to work and I gave up on cars because I didn’t have a designated parking space. So, tried both e scooter & e bike. Now I have left both the e bicycle and an the electric scooter and go with DYU smart bike, the combination of e scooters & e bike.

e bike in china hero electric manufacturer facotry wholesale

This electric scooter with seat for adults comes from the Forbes included young man, Liwei,  It’s a creative e scooter bike brand since 2012.

Compared to those clumsy designed seated scooter like Razor E300S – no one will like this half completed & old fashioned scooter,

s-l1000 Razor-E300S-Seated-Electric-Scooter
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

DYU smart bike/ e scooter has following advantages combining both e scooter and ebike:

1. Sturdy scooter frame. Many news reported that designs like Lime scooter break into 2 pieces and hurt people while riding, but DYU e scooter bike with one piece frame will never make it happen.

2. Streamline dolphin shape. It looks cool when riding on the road. Young people’s best love.

3. Lightweight. Only 14 kg, as light as a little electric scooter, its portable on bus and subway.

4. Popular bike body design. Riding on it is just like riding a bike, comfortable.

5. Optional Pedals. Some customers require the pedal, so D3 has the pedal on, aks manual assistance mode when scooters do not have

6. Big tire size. Bigger wheels are more stable on the road with small potholes compared to e scooter.

7. Safe. This e scooter is safe both in riding and anti-theft with low scooter frame design & GPS in it.

8. Legal. E scooters under 25km/h and 250watt motor power are legal in most countries in the world.

9. Speed. Faster than most e scooters. Sitting riding posture make the rider experience less pressure from the wind against.

10. Family friendly. Not only moms & dads, but teenagers & grandmas all can also ride it safely.

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

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