Every year emerges a new Christmas gift trend and it’s a fashion to send friends electric bike in Sweden in 2017. People receive the electric bike has a great honor to show around their friends and family. Can you image that when you’re grinding up that hill on your way to work and suddenly somebody zooms past you on an electric bike like a superman?  It’s the very time you wish to own one electric bike yourself. According to a survey in Sweden, about 54% people wish to get an electric bike as a festival present.

electric bike dyu smart bike sweden

However, choosing an electric bike is not an easy job. Some electric bikes are clumsy and some are out of fashion with a strange appearance. It’s a shame to send your friend those heavy and awkward stuff. It’s also certain that our friend won’t be happy with these present.

Therefore, choosing an electric bike with wonderful and stylish appearance becomes the first priority. Meanwhile, the performance is also a great point for consideration. No one wishes to ride a weak electric device.

Through careful selection, we recommend DYU electric folding bike to you.

Here are the 3 reasons:

  1. Stylish Appearance. Most popular dolphin shape smooth design is proved and loved by millions of happy customers.
  2. Lightweight. Even little girls can lift it up by single hand cause it only weight 13 kg.
  3. Electricity-pedal hybrid power system applied. You can take some excise and workout when you want. Make you stronger. When you’re tired, the electricity carries you home fast and furious. One bike, two advantages. Worth to own.

Electric Bike,Sweden

Conclusion: DYU smart bike will be your best Christmas gift to send and to receive.

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