Forbes announced the list of Chinese Top 30 Elites Under 30 Year Old in 2018 in the afternoon of August 2nd, Beijing time. F-wheel & DYU founder and CEO Leven Lee, Li Wei as the Chinese name, has been included in the list. Meanwhile, he is also the only person in the list of smart personal travel tool field. This list also includes the entertainment industry star Yang Zi, Wu Lei, Ma Sichun, etc., the artificial intelligence field tycoon, Face++ co-founder Yang Mu, Shang Tang technology co-founder Xu Bing, Xu Heng, and so on.

Leven Lee‘s new product in April 2019:

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +

Forbes has always been forward-looking and finds the best rising and influential stars under 30 years of age early. This year’s finalists are born after January 1, 1988. These young talents include startup leaders, outstanding managers and performing arts, sports, science and technology and cultural entrepreneurs.

leven lee

Leven Lee

1.  Achieve when young

In the field of consumer science and technology, Leven Lee, the founder of the F-wheel & DYU, is 29 year old, a new Chinese entrepreneur, and an 1125 Level top talent in Zhengzhou.
Leven Lee:

At the age of 23, he became the founder of F-wheel in 2012;

At the age of 25, F-wheel was awarded the world’s top ten brands of self balancing scooters, won the industry influence award and became the youngest CEO in the industry.

At the age of 26, was specially interviewed for 3 minutes by CCTV News broadcast representing the Chinese startups reaching 120 million audiences.

At the age of 27, he was awarded the first prize in the top ten models of innovation and entrepreneurship campaign in Henan, and won the 54 Youth Medal in Zhengzhou in the same year.

At the age of 28, he led the team selling 120 thousand RMB products in 40 days on Taobao Crowdfunding Column, creating the highest record of in the smart travel field.

At the age of 29, he is included in the list of China Top 30 Elites Under 30 Year Old in 2018.
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2. Keep innovating

In 2017, Leven Lee created the subsidiary brand of F-wheel and created a new category. It was named as DYU smart bike. In just one and a half year, it quickly became the benchmark of the smart electric bike industry, and led the sales amount of mini ebike globally. The market share in Singapore has already become the number one. DYU smart bike positions at the middle class, and aims to be the second vehicle in the trunk of the car, perfectly connecting the trip with the car.

Leven Lee‘s star product:

DYU Smart Electric Bike D1

DYU smart bike has become a leading brand in personal short trip field, and exports more than 50 countries including the EU, the United States and Southeast Asia, which have become a successful model of Made-in-China products. However, Leven Lee’s ambition is more than that. According to his disclosure, he will try to make it top 1 Chinese mini ebike brand in 2019, trying to meet the requirements of the start up board in 2020.


3. Stride forward no matter rain or storm

At present, F-wheel has 3 major business, the somatosensory board series, the DYU smart electric bike series, the iCarbot robot series, and it will also apply the core technology of self balancing algorithm to more fields.

As of July 2018, F-wheel has nearly 40 domestic and international patents, including 3 invention patents. At present, there are more than 500 sales outlets in the national layout of F-wheel, and more than 1500 people under the employment of this venture. It has also made great contributions to the energy saving and emission reduction of the city. There are more than 80 distributors overseas, creating the foreign exchange for the country and contribute greatly to the country.

In Leven’s life plan, he is to create a business empire that belongs to his own, to establish a R & D sales enterprise with both Chinese characteristics and advanced international experience and technology, and push forward the leap and upgrade of Chinese intelligent personal travel tool with the innovative power of technology and capital. Leven and his team are now working hard to prepare for the outbreak, and he believes that the day of “breaking the cocoon into a butterfly” will soon come.

2018 Forbes China Top 30 Elites Under 30 list is selected by the most outstanding judges, and the judges were the most successful and most recognized in their respective fields. The list has become a window of outstanding young entrepreneurs, subverts and leaders in various sectors of China to the world.

Forbes chief editor in China Russell Flannery said,”China is in the golden age of entrepreneurship. The proportion of outstanding young Chinese entrepreneurship is very high, they are generally well-educated, know more than their predecessors about how to embrace the technology and capital. It is expected 30 Under 30 list will show these young talents and help them to get more attention from the public. Because they are changing China’s economic life and improving China’s global influence while increasing the society work opportunities and promoting world economic development.

Leven Lee’s ultimate product:

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

Leven Lee promised that all his products have a one-year full quality warranty with his honor and reputation, any problem including battery, Bluetooth board, GPS, aluminum bike frame, etc. with his folding electric bikes, will be refunded and completely compensated. 

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