Another joyful agreement is reached by both the outstanding Korean customers and F-wheel company this month. In order to make this business even more smoothy and successful, a group of careful Korean businessmen fly to Shenzhen, China and inspect the whole process of the manufacturing and shipment

F-wheel’s Korean friends are trying on the DYU electric bike.

The Korean customers speak highly of the F-wheel factory and its world-leading class manufacturing process especially during the assembly process in the workshop. Meanwhile, the reliable & high-efficiency shipping process amazes the Korea customer greatly which is trained and proven by dozens of bulk orders from Denmark, United Kindom, the United States & Singapore and so on.

In the new year 2018, F-wheel is going to have more deep collaborations with Korean people and provides them the best electric bikes as usual. The CEO the F-wheel company Li Wei says, “Korean people are diligent, honest and full of wisdom, working with them is more than a pleasure. I can’t love them more and will keep on producing the top class electric bikes for them. “

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DYU Smart Bike D2

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