Are you looking for a light, portable, folding, agile commuting tool for traveling through the city? Are you tired of the traffic jams in the streets when driving cars?  Do you want to do some morning exercise instead of sitting in the car and getting fat? Do you want to be eco-friendly to save the planet while saving your wallet?

Then DYU smart bike D3+ cannot be more suitable for your choice. (PS: D3+ is the upgraded version of D3, and D3 isn’t on sales anymore)

 Speed of DYU smart bike show

dyu smart bike speed

Above is the regular speed of the DYU smart bike D3+. Do you like it?

This speed is more than enough to shuttling through the city and campus while ensuring the rider’s safety. Not like other bikes that are pursuing high speed (PS: Why not driving a car instead of e bikes when requiring high speed), The speed 25km/h of DYU smart bike is optimized and tested thousands of times in laboratory, which is the best speed covering the rider’s commuting efficiency and safety.

Turning around show

dyu smart bike speed

Because of the small size of the e bike body, the turning performance on streets are excellent. It’s extremely hard to hit on the pedestrians because of its lightweight design and easy to control handlebar. And you can cross through the crowded street with lots of cars and passengers at ease. Needn’t worry about being late for work anymore when you put this DYU smart bike in your car trunk.

Pedaling with DYU smart bike D3+

pedal dyu smart bike

You can pedal when you wish to do some morning exercise without too much sweat by using electronic assisting mode – powered by both manual power and electricity. What’s more, pedaling also realizes higher speed when going uphills and flat road riding.

The pure manual power mode that pushes to bike forward by pedaling only is also available. But it requires a little more strength and patience at a lower speed. Suitable for going downhills. Don’t worry about the pedaling experience, I’ve tested it myself by pedaling over 10 miles on it at a single time, no pains in leg or buttock at all. Never forget it, the scientific and ergonomic design is applied to the DYU bike seat and e-bike frame by a professional R&D team with over 10-year experience in the e bike design field.

Appearance of DYU smart bike D3+

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

You must have an impression that It’s a high-end product at first sight. The streamline design body like dolphin makes the bike look comfortable and pleasant. Many girls ask their boyfriend to buy it as a gift after first seeing its cute round shape and little size. Not like other awkward look e bikes, DYU smart bike makes you look even more trendy and popular when riding. It would be a great symbol of a better social identity that’s passionate about high tech and the trendy fashion lifestyle.

price of DYU smart bike

Weight of DYU smart bike

Check the following picture:

weight of dyu smart bike

This little bike weighs only 18kg, which can be lifted up easily. In addition,  the bike tire bumper reduction performance is so excellent that even enables it to bounce up after hitting the ground.


Price of DYU smart bike D3+

Though it’s a product with fashionable style and great riding experience, its price is affordable to most people in the world even Africans, leave alone the Europe and America. Unlike other e bike brands selling their e bikes at over 1 or 2 thousand dollars when their specifications are almost same as DYU, DYU smart bike sacrifices its huge profits to allow more riders to join the saving the planet campaign. Over 1 million riders with different brands of DYU smart bike are waiting for your joining the DYU family. Leave a message below for more information about the e-bike and dealership of DYU official.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

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