iCarbot is Not Only a Four Wheel Electric Scooter

What is iCarbot? It’s the 21st century, and high time people started having fun with their urban transportation, and that’s why iCarbot was born.  iCarbot is a four-wheeled mini-scooter that can be driven with just your feet! It was created by the people over at F-Wheel, who also produce a selection of other personal transportation devices.  And […]

A Prediction on What will Be the Next Fashion Trend after Hoverboard

Many electric unicycle fans got involved in the self balancing field in 2013. People dropped their jaw then wondering why the one wheel can run so fast when people stand straight upon it! Later, electric unicycle got into the eyes of more and more people during 2013 to 2015 and reached a peak in 2015 […]

iCarbot — The Latest Raving Four-Wheeled Electric Hoverboard

Reported by Forward Geek– Save time and do more with the iCarbot four-wheeled electric hoverboard by F-wheel.Everyone hascommitments we take on everyday and we just wished they were done rather quickly. Understandably,as time flies by and there are lots of things people would prefer to do, such as spending time with loved ones.. Take charge of your time and get […]

Latest Upgrade of Dolphin Electric Unicycle

The dolphin one wheel scooter is one of the most classic products in F-wheel company. It had been hot selling for over 2 years. Recently, according to the user experience and the feedback from customers, F-wheel upgraded the dolphin electric unicycle once again. Dolphin one D5-S reserved two colors including white and white-black stripe. Kylin-S reserved […]

Electric Mini Smart Bike, A New Choice For Commuting

There is always still a short and annoying distance after taking a bus or a train which is annoying. Electric unicycle and self balancing two wheel scooter aka hoverboard are the ways to solve the problem. Now a choice for you is invented for you. Transportation Is No Longer A Headache with F-wheel Mini Portable Electric Bike. F-wheel […]