We have enough proof to tell the truth, we endured a long and hard time to keep the truth and secret not published. Why, because we have to protect the profit of our mass resellers. However, to meet more resellers in the near future and allow more people to enjoy the fun of self balancing scooter in a more convenient way and at a reasonable price, we risk the life of we F-wheel company to reveal it! As a professional self balancing scooter manufacturer, We declare that we can not stand so many shops bragging that they have the best and top self balancing scooters in stock.  We are going to reveal some striking breaking useful tips and reveal the truth of some self balancing scooter review sites for you to choose a reliable low price self balancing scooter board in this article. Top 10 self balancing scooter review lists are not reliable at all now.


Number Ten  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Self Balancing Scooter Reviews

You could find it out yourself, it says self balancing scooter review, however its author post plenty of cars, it is not professional not all. If there are 5 stars in total, I’ll rate this site 0 star. I wonder how they got so many fans, but as far as we are concerned, there is a big market to buy facebook fans. If you’r interested in it, please leave your message with the contact form below and we’ll tell you how to do that. Back to the theme, we could find some products in this website which named top 5 Best Self Balancing Scooters.


  1. Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board Electric Personal Transporter-outdoor Sports Kids Adult Transporter with LED Light
  1. MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter, Two Smart Motors for Easy and Stable Balancing, Safe and Easy to Use
  1. MonoRover R1 132Wh Single wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter with U.S. Charger
  1. Likary Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter, Safer and Easier to Learn, Only 10Kg
  2. Ninebot One-wheel scooter Self-balancing Scooter Unicycle : Best self balancing unicycle

However, through hard working in searching, I only find this scooter below.



F-wheel company manufactures this kind of scooter, through careful comparison, W e Found that this two kinds of scooter are the same kind! Is that funny? We can not believe that one scooter has five top and best names.

F-wheel self balancing segway boards

Number Nine  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters:  IO Hawk

IO hawk is name for self balancing boards.However, we have to say that this product is the same as F-wheel self balancing scooter too. This is some quates from a famous news website,” That whole scene really annoys IO Hawk’s Curtis Hedges. Because, he says, that scooter was not a PhunkeeDuck. It was an IO Hawk, his company’s product. Hedges tells me to look closely at the wheels, where there’s clearly an “IO” logo in the center. He’s laughing, too, as if he can hardly comprehend the idea that PhunkeeDuck isn’t stealing. And he’s right: PhunkeeDucks look just like IO Hawks, right down to the IO logos on their boards and wheels. That, Hedges says, is because they’re exactly the same thing. “Put a sticker on it, call it a totally different name, and start selling.”

That’s exactly true, actually. The PhunkeeDuck guys don’t even deny it. But they’re quick to dispute the idea that they’re rebranding IO ’s board. “The owner of IO Hawk went around telling everyone he was the inventor of this product,” PhunkeeDuck co-founder Matthew Waxman says, referring to IO Hawk CEO John Soibatian. “That’s just completely false.”

What they said are all not important, they are self balancing boards made by China factory F-wheel after all.

That’s totally true, when they saying they are original, there are the same kind of so called IOs in market already.

Then let’s have look the scooters and scroll back to have a look the F-wheel scooter, is that the same??


We’r sure we’r not the last one to realize this.

Number Eight  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: PhunkeeDuck


Black PhunkeeDuck specification

Dimensions:22 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches
Weight: 18 lbs
Max Load: 300 lbs
Lasts 6-7 Hours on 1 Full charge [over 10 miles] Max Speed: 12 MPH
Battery: Lithium-ion 36v 4.4AH
Charging Time: 2-3Hours
1 Year Warranty included with every purchase
Remote Included [lock and unlock]

vs F-wheel self balancing hoverboard. specification

BATTERY: 162.8 WH Samsung Battery or LG Battery
MILEAGE: 15-20KM; ( depends on the rider’s weight, road situation, skill, temperature)
VOLTAGE: AC100-240V;50/60HZ;

Few differences can be found.

Number Seven  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: CHAC SmartS1

Just have look what it looks like you’ll find the secret. It is same with F-wheel too

While many high price shop saying that they have more reliable self balancing scooters, they import the self balancing scooter from the same factory like F-wheel in China as other sellers in America.

Look, it is totally has the same appearance, size and function with the self balancing standing hoverboard manufactured by F-wheel company.

Number Six  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Monorover

monoroverHere is some quotes from Monorover,

“What comes with a REAL MonoRover? They all look the same to me…

Have you ever heard the old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Well the same applies with rovers. Take apart the MonoRover and you can easily see a few key differences that distinguish between real and fakes that affect the quality, performance, and longevity of your precious rover.”
Through this analysis, we take action to prove it. Then we take apart monorover and found that inside control board is the same with f-wheel board.






Number Five  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Erover

I’m tired of this explaining why because there is no need, just have a look


There are many rovers, there are also other names like smart drifting scooter which is another informal name of this self balancing skateboard ,  however, you know…

Number Four  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Segway Hoverboard

As a newbie in this self balancing scooter field you may heard about this famous name Segway hoverboard first.

According to BuzzFeed, Chen who is the inventor of hovertax which is an unknow original one has sued IO Hawk, the best-known American importer of Chinese-manufactured hoverboards, for patent infringement.His threat is a bit less intimidating once you know that Inventist is also being sued for patent infringement. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Segway filed a lawsuit against the Hovertrax maker earlier this month. Those Segway entered the self balancing field first, but it does not own the patent or produce the mini size self balancing scooter at all, what they mainly do is in the bigger size self balancing scooter like below,


They are not as fashionable as F-wheel XYQ7 , and not as popular as the mini size self balancing scooter produced by F-wheel. What’s more, the patent claimed by Chen is also not reliable. So if you wish to be the reseller, you need little worry about the patent, rest assured to sell it for money.

Number Three  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Moonet Mini

Moonet Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Unicycle Scooters Drifting Board Electric With LED Light

  • 15 Degree climbing, 0 Degree Angle Cornor, arbitrary Angle conversion, easily manipulated
  • Weighs only 10kg,17-20km Range per Charge,Max speed 10MPH, Waterproof
  • Smart Two-Wheel Self-Balance Unicycle scooter
  • The Mini Smart electric scooter more convenient ,make it safer and easier to control
  • It is going to challenge you how to ride,especially how to combine all those motions into a propelling motion to go long distances,it may take a few days to get the hange of it like learn how to ride a bicycle.But whoever loved the skate will love the scooter.

Parameters of this scooter is same with F-wheel self balancing scooter. I don’t wish to say any more.

Number Two  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: Koowheel

After we checked out the classic type of the self balancing scooters that is same with F-wheel two wheel basic type above, we are going to mention about the modified improved type with bluetooth with more complex design. Koowheel has named its product for many models, like Koowheel S36, Koowheel 700W Glide Board Wheel Electric Scooters Electric Car 2 Wheel Motorized Skateboard E-scooter, Koowheel S11 or something. Just like so many names as the basic one, However, the author has to reveal that there is only one type of this kind of scooter, that is produced by F-wheel factory known as F-wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth,QQ2




F-wheel self balancing scooter with Bluetooth

This advanced type is very easy to realize at the basis of basic one of F-wheel. Adding a bluetooth into it, and modifying the appearance of the basic one a little.

Number One  Fake Top & Best 10 Scooters: ???

You can never image that the self balancing scooter factory is even unwilling to find models to advertise their product because they want to save every dollar for their customers.


They used the photoshop to glue the skateboard player with the bluetooth self balancing scooter together. Money saving and cost effective. No wonder the self balancing scooter produced by them has such low price

To be continued…. We are going to reveal it later.

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