Compared to the bold and expensive car, the humble electric bicycle costs far less, with additional advantages like its low emissions, low maintenance cost, and many more. An electric bike is for all purposes – a normal bike that has been equipped with an electric motor to aide its propulsion.

There are many types and products of electric bikes available today and the choice of selecting the best could be overwhelming. The “best” could be attributed to its weight, cost and folding ability – depending on the choice of a consumer.

DYU smart electric bike is known as the best and lightest folding “e-bike” in China. This is certainly due to its user-friendly reports by bicycle lovers worldwide. Let’s consider its specifications that rank as its merits over other:


  • Lightweight

Certainly, its lightweight is among the “top” merits. Unlike other bikes, the DYU smart electric bike is considered as the best folding bike because it weighs only just 13kg. It is equally portable and can be easily picked with just one hand. The frame is made of Aluminum alloy, making it both lightweight and incredibly durable.


  • Extremely Stylish and Beautiful Appearances

DYU D2 F-wheel electric bike is the combination of beauty and durability with the stylish appearance. It has been built with a powerful 250W motor, and a mileage of 20km in pure electric mode and 45km in power mode. With this motor, it can reach a maximum speed of 25km/hr, and also has a grade of 23 degrees.

The mini e bicycle overall dimension of 102 x50.5 x 94 cm can be reduced up to 102 x 20 x 72 cm, to get into any space adapted for storage or for easy transportation in the trunk or back seat of a car. The folding electric bicycle is suitable for young girls for riding on campus, as well for home and office use. DYU D2 is equipped with a powerful 5200mAh Chinese Lithium battery and an easy switch front and back light design. Also equipped with a front & back disc brakes, with intelligent BMS, App and Automatic cruise with suspension.

As to the seat, it has an adjustable and a damping seat, which is an upgrade to the lower versions. This makes it suitable for all people from 150 – 180 cm, while ensuring a comfortable sitting posture.


  • Budget-friendly

And compared to other pedelecs like GreyP and CARBO, the DYU D2 is very budget friendly. It is only about $600 as wholesale price when bulk orders enjoy a even greater discount, and yet, maintains its top quality and can withstand prolonged use.

A detail to note is that the bike has two models – one with pedals and the other without pedals. For recommendations, the one with pedals is preferable to avoid problems and to save one from injuries. Additionally, it has an adjustable handlebar with the presence of buttons for the ignition of the engine, the lights, and also a screen to display user information about the speed.

For added security, the F-wheel DYU D2 has been equipped with an intelligent locking system, personalizing unlocking method. As an owner, you can easily set a personal password to lock your DYU moped. It also has an anti-theft protection that informs you when your DYU folding bicycle has been moved.


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