DYU D3F electric bike review: a compact and portable ebike for city riding

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DYU is an International electric bike company specializing in compact electric bikes. And the company’s products may look pretty quirky, but are their designs just gimmicks to lure you in, or are they worth your time and money? In this DYU Electric Bike Review, we will take a close look at the DYU D3F, the...

Which is the Best Electric bike for Me?

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Once you own one of our e bikes , we're pretty sure you'll spend a lot of time on it. After all, your foldable ebikes will help you conquer hills, ride longer and go further, whichever ebike you want. But we also know that everyone who wants to ride a bike has their own idea...

DYU D3F review: $469 MINI E-BIKE you can pack ANYWHERE!

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Today we are looking at the dyud3f, this is one of those e-bikes that when it comes our way for review rest assured we are going to have a lot of fun with it and that's really what the d3f means to us it's just fun it's super compact and despite its pint-size. this...