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About F-wheel & DYU

Dayu Zhixing Technology Co. LTD is a subsidiary of F-wheel company. The F-wheel & DYU project was launched in 2012. F-wheel company is a high-tech enterprise made up of former staff from well-known international enterprises like Huawei, Baidu, Mindray, etc, represented by Liu Shasha, the China billiards champion and was specially reported by CCTV1 News Broadcast, one of the most famous news media in the world.

DYU e bike and e scooter brand is the most important brand created by F-wheel.

R&D Background


F-wheel is the long-term strategic cooperation partner of the International Marathon Contest. In 2015, F-wheel won the award of the World Top 10 Balance Scooter Award. In 2016, F-wheel won the Best enterprise innovation model award. F-wheel CEO Liwei won the 2016 (industry) Most influential person award. In 2017, F-wheel subsidiary brand iCarbot won the Hong Kong design award and the Hong Kong best outdoor sporting product award.

Media Report

DYU was reported by domestic & overseas famous media, such as CCTV, Global Times, German first television station RTL and so on.
On 21st Oct. 2015, DYU won the silver medal in China’s first Internet & innovation entrepreneurship contest and was accepted by China vice-premier Liu YanDong.
On 8th Dec. 2015, CCTV1 News Broadcast, the major national television channel with 1,3 billion audiences, specially reported DYU’s innovation entrepreneurship for over 3 minutes.On 10th Sep. 2016, CCTV13 News Channel reported DYU’s products launch.

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