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Discover the world's smallest and most compact electric bicycle: DYU D3F

by J.Jesse 03 Mar 2023 0 Comments

The video titled "Le plus petit des vélos électrique (dyu d3+)" features a review of a compact electric bicycle, presented by a reviewer from Les Bulles Production. The reviewer begins by highlighting the benefits of owning a compact electric bicycle, such as the ability to store it easily in small spaces, including a camping car or at home.

The video shows the unboxing of the bicycle, which is delivered by DPD in a cardboard box. The packaging is described as basic, with minimal protective materials. The bike itself weighs only 21 kg and does not require much assembly. The reviewer notes that the front light was damaged during shipping but mentions that the customer service was responsive and offered to send a replacement.

Assembly of the bike involves attaching the rear fender, the pedals, and the seat, which is mounted on a suspension tube. The handlebars are easily adjusted, and the pedals are made of plastic. The bike also comes with a charger, a lock, and a key. The reviewer notes that the assembly process took less than five minutes and can be done using the included tools.

The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame with a suspension fork and a single-speed drivetrain. The battery, which is located in the middle of the frame, is rated at 36 volts and 10 amperes and has an advertised range of 45 kilometers. The bike is equipped with 14-inch wheels with CST brand tires, which are suitable for use on pavement.

The reviewer notes that the bike is easy to transport, with a folding mechanism that allows it to be stored in small spaces. The bike weighs only 18 kg, which makes it easy to carry onto public transportation or into a car trunk. The bike is also equipped with a kickstand and disc brakes.

The reviewer tests the bike on a paved road and notes that the ride is comfortable, although the lack of a front suspension fork may make for a bumpy ride on rougher terrain. The bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 23 km/h, and the pedal-assist motor provides a moderate amount of power.

Overall, the reviewer concludes that the Dyu D3+ is a good choice for those who need a compact, lightweight electric bike for commuting or leisurely rides on paved surfaces. The bike is easy to transport and assemble, and the battery provides a decent amount of range for its size. However, the lack of a front suspension fork and the single-speed drivetrain may limit its versatility for more challenging terrain.

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