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DYU D3F review from PADYAKAN MO: a compact and convenient ebike for city errands

by Jesse J. 25 May 2022 0 Comments

Hello bike buddies, good afternoon this is the dyu d3f folding bike, so let's go.

All right here are the specs of the dyu d3f smart electric folding bike, dyud3f is a steel deal, everything is steel from the frame, the fork seat post stem and handlebar, everything is steel. Total weight of this bike 18 kilos or 39.6 pounds, the maximum rider capacity is 120 kilos or 264 pounds the rear hub is powered by a 250 watt motor partnered with a 10 amp battery inside the d-shaped center compartment in the middle of the frame 14 inch tires 2 by 1.25 with a recommended psi of 45. the top speed of this bike is 25 kilometers per hour maximum range from 35 to 45 kilometers per charge. We also have front and rear mechanical, disc brakes bike bodies, adjustable seat post, partnered with a wide soft spring supported saddle foldable, non-telescopic curved stem, internal cabling for proper cable, management plastic folding pedals on your left hand side you have the power button which goes on and off and a mechanical bell, on the right hand side you will see your battery meter which goes from low to high.

 dyu d3f

Watch the full DYU D3F review here

There is another button on the right side of the handlebar located underneath the power meter, this button engages the headlight simply hold the button for three to four seconds and the light will turn on the
dyu d3f also came with the battery operated rear light with three functions, mud guards front and back and a single rear kickstand which is pretty solid for a small form factor that it has a set of tools a charger with two cables and a comprehensive manual that sadly nobody needs because of their excitement me included.

Would I recommend this folding bike? Yes, I highly recommend the dyu d3f folding bike for the reasons that i stated earlier on compact 14-inch wheels that are pretty wide. so it does give you that proper balance traction on the road when turning or riding even when you hit bumps or cracks on the road you will hardly feel a thing. Steel components mostly but it does provide that solid stable ride. Final thoughts on the DYU d3f folding bike,

This is a great bike so again. check it out DYU d3f folding bike, electronic folding bike with pedal assist. it'll get you from point a to point b, just make sure it's within reach, so a single charge can get you from 35 to 45 kilometers total per charge, waiting time is a good six to seven hours from zero battery to full and again you can opt to just use the pedals or just use the throttle all the way. And it's not gonna be a problem turning banking with ease, ride with ease amidst the weight of the bike it can take 120 kilograms max load maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, that is with you pedaling.

Electronic pedal assist on then once I disengage it, you start to feel the bike slow down so it acts like an engine braking system. so it's pretty cool so there we're pedaling and if we feel tired, press the left button to engage the power and then throttle away easy peasy, left very nice.

All right what's a better way to enjoy, the dyu d3f. ride it with your daughter, and this is the dyu d3f, riding around with my daughter woohoo

This is where the review ends bike buddies, thank you so much for all your support, guys at DYU, the d3f is an awesome folding bike.

Watch the full DYU D3F review here

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