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DYU King 750 mountain electric bike review: a powerful electric bike for all terrains

by Jesse J. 26 Nov 2022 0 Comments

DYU King 750 electric bike is another hit product rolled out by DYU recently after the DYU R1 torque sensor e-bike.  It features a high-speed powerful 48V/750W motor and a max speed of 28 mph.  Now let’s take a further look at the new mountain electric bike to see if it is good enough.


750W powerful motor

What impresses us most is the new 750W high-power motor. This component has never been used on DYU bikes series previously, and it’s a breakthrough design for a better riding experience both in speed and load. This bike’s overall weight is 97 lbs,  almost double times of a 250W DYU D3F, and to power the bike efficiently, a high-power motor of 750W is very necessary. With the high-speed motor, high torque and high-efficiency design, the eBike will reach a top speed of 28 mph and load as much as 330 lbs, almost doubling what the D series can achieve and exceeding the most popular peers in the market. The powerful motor also makes the King 750 fit for various terrains and needs, taking you to any destination in an instant. The speed would not compromise the safety thanks to the 26*4.0 fat tires that create stronger friction. It’s a perfect match in design which is considered by the DYU designers already.

DYU King 750 mountain electric bike review: a powerful electric bike
750W powerful motor for mountains


48V 20Ah strong battery (removable)

If we look deeper, you will also be amazed by the swappable battery design. What’s inside is a removable high-capacity battery, 48V 20Ah 13S4P 21700/LG/5000mah. eBikes that require regular charging may be irritating for people with a busy schedule. Usually, a full charge takes 3-7 hours, so riders tend to prepare at least 4 hours for the charging. While the battery of King750 is removable, you may charge it anywhere, anytime. Moreover, if you keep a spare one, you can always have a fully charged battery ready to replace the dying one. The range on Throttle Mode is approximately 50 miles per charge, and on Pedal Assist Mode, 60 miles! And the new ebike deserves to be called a mileage-free monster. The internal removable battery with lock makes charging more convenient and the model more beautiful.

48V 20Ah LG battery
48V 20Ah LG battery

Front Suspension and head light

The bicycle has 26 x 4-in (~66 x 10 cm) fat tires and a front shock absorption system for a more comfortable ride on rough terrains.  The bright headlight and blinking taillight helps you notify the incoming vehicles and passengers, avoiding getting hurt accidentally. And the bright light adds more security for night riding on the trail.

DYU King 750 front suspension
DYU King 750 front suspension and light

Ergonomic seat

The ergonomic seat provides you with an extra comfortable ride. The seat can change up & down to suit your riding position. The seat post is fully adjustable, making the electric bike tailored for you specially.

Ergonomic seat DYU King 750
DYU King 750 ergonomic seat

Shimano 7 Speed Cassette and hydraulic disc brake

Shimano hydraulic disc brake
DYU King 750 Shimano hydraulic disc brake

DYU King 750 has dual Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, an anti-theft system The bike has a black aluminum alloy frame. The power-off brake levers (left and right) cut motor output in a flash. The hydraulic premium disc brakes (front and rear) are sensitive and stable. All of the three riding modes supported by the advanced Shimano 7-speed transmission system put the riding experience in your full control. Wanna exercise, or relax? Going uphill, or downhill? Anything is possible in the most efficient way! No matter what conditions you ride in (dry/wet), the dual hydraulic disc brakes will come through for you, even in the mud. Hydraulic braking adds more power and progressive braking and requires less powerful use of brake levers.


Smart LCD display

DYU King 750 SMART LCD display

You can monitor the real-time vehicle dynamics with the smart LCD display, and it also comes with functions like intelligent detection and reporting of faults, and automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of stationary. From the display can you view the battery percentage, speed, single mileage, total mileage and output power.  Everything needed for riding is shown on the screen.


Now let’s watch the video to find out how real riding on DYU King is:


If you’re looking for a bike that outraces most peers on market with its performance, DYU King 750 is a perfect choice. The DYU King 750 fat tire e-bike has been launched in the EU and USA. 750 W motor with 900 W peak power delivers up to 75 Nm of torque and consumes 1.1 kWh per 100 km (~62 miles). You can choose from three assistance modes, with a top speed of 45 kph (~28 mph). The motor’s lowest setting limits your speed to 25 kph (~16 mph) to comply with the road-legal top speed in the EU. You can also ride in a pure electric mode if you wish, and the bike can tackle inclines up to 15°. Go free for most terrain on the earth.

DYU becomes well-known for its D series electric bikes with compact and stylish designs and continues its rising momentum to launch King750 for another breakthrough. The new model that features upgraded components will bring the riding experience to the next level. I foresee a bright future for DYU and its new model DYU 750 ebike for its unique advantages.

You can currently buy the DYU King 750 electric bicycle in the EU for €1,699 (~US$1,699) here:

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