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Incredible. This car makes me perfect on the way to work.

Riding in Amsterdam.

Riding in Amsterdam.

Granny enjoying her bike at Quartzfest AZ!

I bought this brand new just before Christmas, I am so happy for it!

I bought this brand new just before Christmas, I am so happy for it!


This worked perfectly. Took about three weeks to come in. I received so many compliments. Took my husband about 15 mins to install. Highly recommend. My daughter is 95% percentile in height for a three year old, and she was comfortable.

Realy useful mini bike, I love it:))))

Love them!

My boys had one for 2 years here in UK, very rare over this way

DYU S2 great little bike!

Love the bike!

It's small but powerful, it's portable & fits in my car with ease. Ride quality is good thanks to the suspension seat post. Gets me to 15mph with ease and goes up hill without issue. Holds charge well, build quality is good, no creaks or speaking.

This is my new fun little bike that I can take into shops for small grocery shopping. YouTube video placeholder
Un prodotto da comprare

DyU 3* ottima stabilità, anche sullo sterrato non impegnativo. Nelle salite severe soffre, nei saliscendi regge il colpo. Ottimo design, robusta. io ho inserito anche il sellino per il passeggero e va che è un piacere. L'acceleratore la rende un motorino in miniatura. la batteria è buona. La pedalata assistita invece fatica ad ingranare, talvolta subentra quando raggiunge i 10-15 km orari. A me piace molto e, considerato il costo, è un prodotto che consiglio vivamente. è sempre nel bagagliaio della mia macchina, pronta e scattante per coinvolgermi in mille avventure. il manubrio ed i pedali pieghevoli sono pratici e funzionali, la sella è una goduria, i freni ottimi. DYU ha trovato un nuovo cliente anche per il futuro, mirko

Happy New Year's everyone!

Happy New Year's everyone! Snuck one more ride for 2021 with the thicker foot of snow in Central Park.

love this bike!!

love this bike!!

Fun savvy sleek

Bought for my 11 year old son. He is 5’3, 140lbs. He fits it great. He loves riding it. Even my mom got on it and is thinking of getting herself one. I did have an issue with the seat being torn when we opened the box. However I contacted customer service and they will be mailing out a replacement seat. I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews because they seemed like the customer support was bad. I had a good experience speaking with them.

My dog and I love it so much

My dog and I love it so much

When I drove it out many people asked me where I bought it lol

My daughter loves it so much!

My daughter loves it so much!

Great zippy ride

This is a very nice bike, I was on the fence about buying an e-bike for a while. Recently I moved into a neighborhood that is fairly close to a greenway but in order to get to the greenway you have to ride through very hilly areas. so I was like why not an ebike. I just would avoid biking because I didn't want to ride up those hills, especially after riding the greenway. I am so glad I purchased this bike. it is 36v so it is very punchy in power and throttle. It gives me just enough assistance to get up those type hills and yet it can be turned off when I want no assistance on the greenway. it can even be used full throttle. It was easy to assemble (and arrived even more assembled than the video indicated). it took me less than 5 min to install everything. The battery life is great and the bike is easy to ride even if you don't engage the pedal assist. If you are on the fence about buying it take the plunge and do it. You will not regret it. super comfortable and zippy.

Great E Bike for the price you pay for, Guaranteed.

D3F is really worth buying for the price that it is. If your looking for something exciting , small, comfortable, powerful motor, fast , and is easy to assemble in under 5mins. I say it can go about 20 - 25 mph. I weight about 165 and it’s no problem. I still feel the fast speed it puts out like 20 plus mph like nothing. I even hike my 4 yr old son who bout 45-50 lbs , and still goes fast. Very good motor. I use it for just cruising around my neighborhood everyday just to enjoy the outside . I really recommend this bike if you love speed and power . You’ll be Satisfied for what you’ve paid for .

Fun for me and useful for the parents

Ok, first, let's start with the ridiculous ease of assembly. I mean really, I'm moderately tech savvy, nothing like my communication OPs Army husband, but am a fair hand and I have to say, I didn't even need to be that. It was almost completely assembled and just folded down. Some very, VERY basic instructions later, and it was unfolded, the pedals placed, charged, and ready to go!! I have been having a hard time on the trails lately keeping up with the husband and kids, so I decided to get this for me and also for my 60 year old mom and dad who REALLY can't keep up on the trails lol.
Let me say, this was very comfortable on my butt and legs, even at 5'7. My dad had no problems or complaints about the seat or pedal reach when he was screwing around on it, either. It took me a hot minute to get used to the speeding up and slowing down, but the brakes are AMAZING. I don't feel like they're mushy at all and when I'm ready to stop... they stop me! Taking turns are easy, the breeze in my hair is a lot of fun, and honestly, the laugh me and my mom get out of my dad having joyrides on it is probably the best thing ever.

The charging cable is long enough to get to the one wonky cord in the garage and still prop it up where I want it. Even dropping it on the ground a couple times hasn't cracked the case or dinged up the metal at all. The tires are thick and sturdy and even running over gravel and grass and twigs haven't touched those beasts. And we have made it through a whole day on the Ghost trails without it going dead. And when it did die at the very very end of our day, pedaling wasn't too much of a chore at that point.

Love my d3+

Love my d3+
Got it march 2020
Done almost 5,000km
Sick to death of punctures
Fitted tannus armour
Last December
12" tubes not 14"
Tannus takes up a lot of room
No more punctures 😀
It's 15mm thick
Cut it to fit,job done 😎


I added a cute basket, so cute~

My first Ebike

No problems with my bike I’ve ridden over 600miles all good. Love it

I am very satisfied with this bike. Unbelievable power and speed. Easy to read and use display. I anticipate that I will enjoy this bike for several years. Way to go Himiway!

I really love my new bike! It’s small yet so fast. The best purchase for those who live in downdown. It’s fun ride as well as getting me where I need to go quickly! It is probably the best piece of transportation I’ve ever purchased! No more stuck in traffic!

Great little package. Everyone loves and wants to ride it. All of the features are great. So far the battery is fantastic. Little crazy on gravel, but, moves along good enough. Gets me up the hills with the pedal assist. Love the lights.

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